Music when you are throwing a party!
I am a singer of  my own material but I also do covers of, for example, Dylan, Creedence, Stones, Eagles,Hank Williams, Lucinda Williams, John Prine and others, when performing at private parties.
You can listen to three examples of songs by Bob Dylan that I  often include when I perform.It´s all over now Baby Blue,To Ramona and Just like Tom thumbs blues

I am the one to hire as the "after meal" performer,to listen to, or for singing along, during the "coffee and dessert"  part, as I don´t play dance music.

Music when giving a lecture
As a singer of songs based upon personal development, I perform during intermission at lectures and courses about personal development.Two of  those songs are Happiness and You and me.

Ann Buckley
singer/songwriter/music teacher

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